Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This is a project that I was really excited to start. I thought that painting would be really fun and I would be great at it, but after we worked on the iPads, I couldn't seem to grasp the whole painting thing. I re-did the tree multiple times, as you can see, and I still wasn't happy with the final product. I'm also not very proud of the snow on the mountains. I can't say that I didn't try though! I spent a lot of time re-doing everything to try to make it look right. If I could re-do the whole project, I would. I'm pretty unhappy with the landscape I made, but I"m not giving up on painting!

Clay Tile

I liked this project a lot! It was really fun working with clay, even though it could be frustrating at times. I thought it was really cool that we could make 3D tiles! I was really sad when we came back from winter break and I found out that my tile exploded while firing! But I put a couple pieces back together and tried to fix it as much as possible. There's still a giant whole right in the front. I really like the sky colors and the spots on the giraffe. I'm not as happy with the face, especially the nose. Overall, I wish it came out without breaking, but I'm happy with my final piece. I worked really hard on it!