Art Three Final Portfolio

Kehinde Wiley's art is interesting to me because he has very realistic people in the foreground and then he usually does a flowery or decorative background. I like his art a lot and my alien piece reminds me of his art because I tried to do a realistic looking female alien with the flowers in the background.
After making this piece, there are things I would have liked to do better. Wiley's art looks a lot more realistic than my alien, so based on his art, I would have liked to make this look better. 

My essential question piece also reminds me of Wiley's art because it is focused on one person with an interesting background. 
This is a completely different style from Wiley, but it is similar because it's one singular person in the middle of the canvas with a background. The difference is the detail, realism, and the complexity of the background. My background is more basic, but it is as important as his. The highlight around the body speaks in almost the same way as the flowers overlapping his subjects limbs. 

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