Art One Final Protfolio

This project was my most successful, in my opinion. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. I don't think it was my favorite to make because it was really frustrating, at times, to cut out the paper. Once I was done with that part, it was really fun. I liked how we got to make out own frames and make the back round. Spray painting was also really fun. I liked this project so much because I made the Mockingjay from The Hunger Games series, some of my favorite books. I loved having the pages of books as the back round because the symbol is from very famous books. I am very proud of this project, and it makes me proud to be an artist!
I learned the most from this project because it taught me a lot about using a reference and not just your imagination to draw. Also, it taught me about shading and the shape of facial features. I was really happy with how this turned out, but I would be more proud of it if it looked like this without me tracing it in the beginning... This project set me up for a lot o the other projects because I learned how to shade and not be afraid of the dark. Without these skills, it would be hard to make anything looks realistic. I really enjoyed drawing Cole's face!
I had to use skills from previous projects to create this watercolor painting. We used two point perspective for this one, and we used shadowing and light placement. It was really fun painting this. Watercolor is my favorite type of paint to use. I really like the unevenness of the back round. I'm also proud of the white parts left on the game pieces; it was hard to draw a straight line with a wet brush to create the light source, but it turned out looking great. I thought it was really cool to come in with colored pencils after the paint dried, and that added a lot of dimension and shadow to my piece.
Although this project was really fun, it didn't really teach us a lot. I think it's really cool, and I enjoyed it a lot, but we didn't learn from it. I don't think you should not do it though. It was a great bonding experience for the tables, and we got to have fun and talk more. It was really cool that the camera could capture all the light that we showed. It was really fun to make all different shapes and try to spell out our names.
I don't really know what kind of artist I am, but I think that this project was probably more personal because we actually had to create all of it with our hands. Sculpting clay is hard, and it is probably the easiest way to express yourself, in my opinion, because it's all you. Also, painting this was a really great experience because you really had to make sure to get all of the clay covered with paint. For me, it was personal because I had to find a way to make the damage work. Mine blew up in the kiln, and I couldn't but all back together. Even though it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, I'm happy with this project, and I really like it.

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