Sunday, January 31, 2016

Inspired Artist

The artist that I found is named Daniel Arsham. Daniel was born in Miami and currently lives in New York. He is a contemporary artist who focuses on the human figure, technological objects, and architecture. Uniquely, he executes 2D (drawings), 3D (sculptures), and 4D (preforming) arts. In most of his material, he depicts erosion, which is interesting when discussing the human figure. Architecture is a prevalent subject throughout his work as well. He is recognized for his creation in the stage design for the Mercy Cunningham Dance Company, which toured in Australia, France, and multiple locations in the United States. I haven't seen a lot of his performance art, but I do find a lot of inspiration in his sculpting. Personally, I love using the human figure as a subject in my art, so seeing such an interesting take on it (the erosion he creates) inspired me to do something different with my own human figures, His website is

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Final Blog Post

Kehinde Wiley's art is interesting to me because he has very realistic people in the foreground and then he usually does a flowery or decorative background. I like his art a lot and my alien piece reminds me of his art because I tried to do a realistic looking female alien with the flowers in the background.
After making this piece, there are things I would have liked to do better. Wiley's art looks a lot more realistic than my alien, so based on his art, I would have liked to make this look better. 

My essential question piece also reminds me of Wiley's art because it is focused on one person with an interesting background. 
This is a completely different style from Wiley, but it is similar because it's one singular person in the middle of the canvas with a background. The difference is the detail, realism, and the complexity of the background. My background is more basic, but it is as important as his. The highlight around the body speaks in almost the same way as the flowers overlapping his subjects limbs. 

Never Got to Say - Prints

I had a dream where a blue blob was just being a blob in the darkness. I have a lot of very realistic dreams, so this one was different for me. It's very hard to describe dreams in a way that other people can understand because they are completely made up in your own head. I've never got to tell anyone about this dream I had other than a blue blob, so I tried to paint it. I'm working on making the swirls look more detailed and defined. For the print, I used grey metallic paint on the canvas and then used black print ink for the prints.

Art Museum

Orange Outline

This piece was one that caught my eye because of the different textures and interesting colors. I think it's cool that the artist used orange to contrast with the black and white used to make the piece. It also looks like a natural symbol in music, so that caught my eye because music is a big part of my life.

Northern European

This piece is one that I didn't appreciate until I took a moment to look further into it. I think all of the detail is amazing, and the water and sky are very realistic. I admire how the artist gave every piece of clothing in the piece some detail and folds.
Seaside Strollers

This piece did absolutely nothing for me. I think it was probably done by a four year old...

Non-Traditional Art Materials

I didn't do this project. It was really hard for me to come up with something to use that would still feel like art to me. I guess you could say I'm more of a traditional artist who uses the normal mediums like paint, colored pencils, and charcoal.