Thursday, October 15, 2015

Post-Modern Principles

I think that having a background knowledge of the principles of art is important to achieve and execute what the artist is trying to create. If an artist didn't know the concept of lights and darks or how to use a palate knife, it would be hard to create an art piece efficiently. I agree that there could be easier ways to communicate these principles into artwork, but I also think that putting meaning into art comes with time. In my opinion and from my experience, an artist should understand the skill set and know the material and medium they're working with so that all they have to focus on is what they are expressing through their art. It would be like asking me to write my life story in Spanish. I know how to say hello and goodbye and a few phrases in between, but I wouldn't be able to get my messages across without a prior knowledge of the language. Once I have that understanding, I could express myself through it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Essential Question

I started this project after both of my closest friends moved out of state. Being a senior, this upset me a lot; I wanted to have the experience of senior year with my two best friends. To pick a word, I wrote down trust. That made me think of abandonment and I got pretty upset thinking about all of these emotions inside. I felt very alone for a while, but I made some new relationships that helped me get through this hard time. For my project, I'm using a pallet knife and acrylic paint to depict a person sitting alone. I want to make a series so that I can show another person sitting down to join and comfort the first person painted.