Art Two Final Portfolio

I think this project was my most successful because of how vibrant the colors are and the values in the balloons and trees. The theme was "Sticky Situation" and I couldn't come up with any original ideas that weren't already taken by someone in the class. I basically thought of things that I enjoyed painting, the sunset, and added the balloons in to create the theme. I could either use water color or acrylic and if I was going to do water color, I would have done a pumpkin, but we did those in class so I wanted to branch out more. Looking at it now, I would have probably liked to blend the background more, but I still like how the solid colored balloons contrast with the colorful background. My favorite part of the painting is probably the trees because they have good texture and a lot of values. The repetition comes into play with the different balloons. Though they aren't the exact same, the balloons are similar enough to be considered repetition. 
In this project, I overcame the most obstacles because it was our first project and I wasn't very good at shading. Also, I was bad at looking at something and drawing it instead of using images from my head. I re-did all of the flowers multiple times and it was really frustrating. This shows contrast because of how the background is white and the flowers and petals have dark shadows. I'm very proud of this piece, but I think if I were to try to draw it again, it would look a lot better because I have a better idea of shading now. 

These pieces show how I have grown as an artist over the semester. In the first piece, Up Close and Personal, I attempted to use a lot of values and shading. As you can see, it didn't really live up to my expectations. The second piece is a portrait of my sister, and it shows how I've grown because it has a lot of different values and colors to show where the lights and the darks are. In the first piece, I don't think I used the colored pencils to their full potential. The colors weren't rich enough, and I should have made the colors more solid and vibrant. In the second piece, I really like the colors and the way I used the different yarn to show the values. This comparison definitely shows how I have grown as an artist. 
With this piece, we were allowed to use whatever we wanted. I liked this idea, but it was easier said than done. It was kind of hard for me to come up with ideas to use, but in the end, I think it really allowed us to use our creative minds to make art. I'm happy with my decisions in this piece, but I almost wish that I could have thought of cooler things to use. I think I played it kind of safe. But in a way, I like the simplicity of it; that's why I didn't put faces on them. 

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