Monday, November 18, 2013


I decided to do a portrait of my sister because she is a role model to me and she's recently gone to college, so I miss her a lot. For the material, I used yarn that I used to make bracelets out of. I was just looking around my house thinking of what to use and I found a huge bag of yarn, so that's why I used it. The yarn kind of connects to my sister because she used it to make bracelets for us and her friends. I took some risks by using different colors of yarn to show different values. 

Sticky Situation

My ideas for "Sticky Situation" were, for the most part, pretty simple and basic, but none of the ideas I came up with interested me enough to create. So I thought of things that I would enjoy painting and that's how I came up with the sky. I thought of what to put in the sky, and remembered how sad I was when I was little and accidentally let go of a balloon. The repetition came through in the different balloons. I used acrylic because I knew I would be able to get rich colors from it.