Thursday, June 5, 2014

Full Figure

This was my portrait of Jacob. I'm proud of how much this looks like him. I think I took a risk by drawing him in a position that wasn't just standing there. I learned how to use charcoal through this project which I think I did a good job using; I was about to get a full range of value. I did a lot of planning before starting this so I could make sure I put all of the body parts where they go. Doing a drawing on such a big scale was intimidating, but it was important for us to practice something this big.

Scratch Board

I used creativity in this piece because I came up with the idea of a mermaid to show the movement and texture. There are many textures going on like the roughness of the log, the scales on the tail, and the flowiness of the hair and the seaweed. I think I achieved the goal of texture and movement in this piece. I also like the values I have. It was weird to do the reverse and draw in the highlights instead of the shadows, but it was cool, too. It was hard not being able to erase stray lines or mistakes you made but that's what art is about. I liked doing this because it reminded me of my childhood when I used to play with these. I think I took a risk by choosing a topic that isn't real. It was hard to find references, but I think it turned out looking like the normal idea of a mermaid. I solved a problem at one point in this piece because originally, I drew the hair behind the body and I started scratching it off there, but I realized that wouldn't make sense, so I had to fix it.