Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Portrait (Drawing)

This is my self portrait for drawing class. I have mixed feelings about this piece for many reasons. Since the photograph I used was taken from the side, its a weird angle.. I tried to show the view, but it just looks like one eye is smaller than the other. I like the value on the face though: the highlights on my cheeks and also the lowlights where the smiles creases are. I also think I got my nose just right. I learned a lot from this project like how to control the value with your pencil. I didn't use a blending tool at all, which I'm proud of because I think I had smooth transitions between the value shown. I think my next self portrait will be a lot better just because this was my first. It was really good practice and showed me what I can do, and now that I know, I think I could do better. I think the position of my face was a risk just because I had to show that depth and the sideway-ness of it. I don't know how well I executed that; I could have added more shadows on both sides. Overall, this piece taught me a lot about myself as an artist, and I look forward to the next self portrait so that I can see a growth.


In this exercise, I developed a lot of new skills like realistic shading and showing the protruding parts well. Aside from the skull and feet, I'm very happy with this. My favorite part is the ribs and shoulders. This was one of the first things we did in drawing that I was really happy with and it gave me some confidence for the rest of the class. Compared to my last skeleton from Art 1-2, I've grown a lot, and I'm very glad I can say that. As far as fixing mistakes goes, I started out shading with vertical or horizontal lines but realized that I would have to shade with the shape of the subject and executed that. I could have fixed the realisticness of the skull, but I wasn't very motivated to because of the lack of success the first time around. As for the feet, I would have liked for them to be normal size, but it was hard to make them proportional since we hadn't studied the proportions of the body yet. Overall, I'm proud of the shading and value more than anything else.

Figure Drawing

I really enjoyed doing figure drawings because it was fun to show the movement with simple lines and shapes. I took risks by just going with the shapes of the bodies we were drawing in a larger scale instead of focusing on small details. It was a little out of my comfort zone because I usually try to draw details first. That's another reason I liked this exercise; it taught me a different way to look at the subject I'm drawing. Looking at other people's figure drawings helped me understand the basic idea of what they should look like. Artist on pintrest and even my classmate's art showed me the main idea and the point to the drawings. It was hard sometimes to draw people because their poses could change a little bit...but that's also what made it interesting and fun.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scull Portrait

This was an interesting exercise because we used what a real scull looked like to determine the placement of our facial features. I gained skills with this piece because it taught me how to look at what I'm drawing and to draw what I see instead of coming up with what things look like in my head. I think this portrait looks like my sister which is funny because everyone thinks we look alike. I tried to take some risks in this piece by adding a lot of darks..a little too much. I also tried to add highlights, like in the hair. It helped me see what it looks like when I added more pencil. It definitely helped with the final portrait. The skull kind of threw me off sometimes because my face didn't match up with the placement of the skull, but like I said, it taught me to look at what I was drawing.