Drawing Final Portfolio

1. My most successful project was the full body figure drawing. I liked this one a lot because I got good at charcoal in the process, and it was really cool to draw using a real person as a subject. I enjoyed this because he could give me advice on how to make it better and help me with the proportions, the hardest part. My favorite thing about this is all the values. I really like how realistic it looks; the pants and face are where I think the best shading is. I'm also very proud of how much this looks like the subject, Jacob, in the face. While we were outside drawing, a teacher passed by and pointed at Jacob and said, "That's him, isn't it?" which made me really happy. I think drawing on such a big scale was a challenge, but an important one. It taught us as a class how to use the space you have to show a lot of detail and make everything proportional. I took one picture with the light on and one with it off.
2. My least successful project was "Look At That View." I think this was the least successful because I didn't have enough of a background, and some of the highlights are awkward, like on the hair. Also, the curtain folds don't look as realistic as the sheet folds. I'm also unhappy with how uneven the bed looks; I would have liked to make it smoother and have the pencil all going in the same direction. I would spend more time on this and be more patient if I could do it again. I would also probably do more on the room instead of just having the blank walls outside of the window. Doing a sky could improve the piece, too.
3. I've improved in this piece from my "Look At This View" piece because of the shading. I know this portrait isn't the best, but there is even shading throughout and a good transition of value that I wish I had in the previous project. I actually took my time doing this one and paid attention to the pressure I was putting on the pencil. I used a tortillian in the view project and didn't use one at all in the portrait.

4. These two mini lessons, the figure drawing and the portrait using the skull, helped me the most in with the projects we did. I enjoyed doing the figure drawings a lot and they helped me when doing the giant red one. Learning the proportions and shapes of the body were important to the success of the final project. Also, the skull portrait helped me look at myself to draw. It also gave me practice with shading the face and getting the shapes of my facial structure for the final portrait.

5. My favorite medium was charcoal. I liked it so much because it was easy to get the darks that you needed while still being able to get the highlights. Also, it made me feel more like an artist to use something other than pencil; I felt like whatever I did with charcoal would look good!

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