Thursday, June 5, 2014

Full Figure

This was my portrait of Jacob. I'm proud of how much this looks like him. I think I took a risk by drawing him in a position that wasn't just standing there. I learned how to use charcoal through this project which I think I did a good job using; I was about to get a full range of value. I did a lot of planning before starting this so I could make sure I put all of the body parts where they go. Doing a drawing on such a big scale was intimidating, but it was important for us to practice something this big.

Scratch Board

I used creativity in this piece because I came up with the idea of a mermaid to show the movement and texture. There are many textures going on like the roughness of the log, the scales on the tail, and the flowiness of the hair and the seaweed. I think I achieved the goal of texture and movement in this piece. I also like the values I have. It was weird to do the reverse and draw in the highlights instead of the shadows, but it was cool, too. It was hard not being able to erase stray lines or mistakes you made but that's what art is about. I liked doing this because it reminded me of my childhood when I used to play with these. I think I took a risk by choosing a topic that isn't real. It was hard to find references, but I think it turned out looking like the normal idea of a mermaid. I solved a problem at one point in this piece because originally, I drew the hair behind the body and I started scratching it off there, but I realized that wouldn't make sense, so I had to fix it. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Portrait (Drawing)

This is my self portrait for drawing class. I have mixed feelings about this piece for many reasons. Since the photograph I used was taken from the side, its a weird angle.. I tried to show the view, but it just looks like one eye is smaller than the other. I like the value on the face though: the highlights on my cheeks and also the lowlights where the smiles creases are. I also think I got my nose just right. I learned a lot from this project like how to control the value with your pencil. I didn't use a blending tool at all, which I'm proud of because I think I had smooth transitions between the value shown. I think my next self portrait will be a lot better just because this was my first. It was really good practice and showed me what I can do, and now that I know, I think I could do better. I think the position of my face was a risk just because I had to show that depth and the sideway-ness of it. I don't know how well I executed that; I could have added more shadows on both sides. Overall, this piece taught me a lot about myself as an artist, and I look forward to the next self portrait so that I can see a growth.


In this exercise, I developed a lot of new skills like realistic shading and showing the protruding parts well. Aside from the skull and feet, I'm very happy with this. My favorite part is the ribs and shoulders. This was one of the first things we did in drawing that I was really happy with and it gave me some confidence for the rest of the class. Compared to my last skeleton from Art 1-2, I've grown a lot, and I'm very glad I can say that. As far as fixing mistakes goes, I started out shading with vertical or horizontal lines but realized that I would have to shade with the shape of the subject and executed that. I could have fixed the realisticness of the skull, but I wasn't very motivated to because of the lack of success the first time around. As for the feet, I would have liked for them to be normal size, but it was hard to make them proportional since we hadn't studied the proportions of the body yet. Overall, I'm proud of the shading and value more than anything else.

Figure Drawing

I really enjoyed doing figure drawings because it was fun to show the movement with simple lines and shapes. I took risks by just going with the shapes of the bodies we were drawing in a larger scale instead of focusing on small details. It was a little out of my comfort zone because I usually try to draw details first. That's another reason I liked this exercise; it taught me a different way to look at the subject I'm drawing. Looking at other people's figure drawings helped me understand the basic idea of what they should look like. Artist on pintrest and even my classmate's art showed me the main idea and the point to the drawings. It was hard sometimes to draw people because their poses could change a little bit...but that's also what made it interesting and fun.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scull Portrait

This was an interesting exercise because we used what a real scull looked like to determine the placement of our facial features. I gained skills with this piece because it taught me how to look at what I'm drawing and to draw what I see instead of coming up with what things look like in my head. I think this portrait looks like my sister which is funny because everyone thinks we look alike. I tried to take some risks in this piece by adding a lot of darks..a little too much. I also tried to add highlights, like in the hair. It helped me see what it looks like when I added more pencil. It definitely helped with the final portrait. The skull kind of threw me off sometimes because my face didn't match up with the placement of the skull, but like I said, it taught me to look at what I was drawing.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh, The Things We See Through

I definitely learned new techniques with this project. blending the pastels and using enough of them was difficult for me at first, but once I got going, I really enjoyed it. I think this idea was pretty creative; the background for my idea was that my mom will have some friends over sometimes and drink wine on our porch that has an amazing view of the sunset. I used my own photos for this. One of my peers thought that it looked more like a desert which is also an interesting idea. I don't know if this really tells a story, but I thin I took risks by using different colores. I used purple with the blue to make a darker color, and I used lots of white for the light blue, yellow, and orange. 

Look At This View

In this piece, I used my own creativity and ideas to show something that can be interpreted in different ways. To me, it was more of a dark and sad piece; she's laying in bed upset and the plane symbolizes a dream escaping. One of my peers interpreted it as her lover on the plane leaving her, or the fact that she could be on the plane. I learned new art making skills through this piece also; at first, I drew straight lines on her body to shade, but I was taught how to draw with the body shape to give it more demention. I think I took a risk by having the airplane in the back; the realisticness contrasts with the girl and I think it adds a lot to the piece. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Prisma Candy

I used prismacolored pencils to draw this piece of candy and also used prismacolored pastels for the white highlights. It was really enjoyable once I got the hang of it, and I'm really proud of this one. 

Contour Drawings

These are contour drawings I did in class. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bottle Reflections

This was an assignment we did in class where we were supposed to draw only the highlights of the bottle. We did a similar assignment with paint in art two, but I found it a bit easier this time. I like how adding the colored pencils showed more values and also more reflections made the bottle look more realistic than it would have if it was just black and white. Although I'm proud of the outcome, I look forward to learning more about this technique of white pencil on black paper, and hopefully, I'll get better at it. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Carving

I developed this design first by choosing a book: Battle of the Labyrinth. Because of the title, I decided to make a labyrinth-like design. It was challenging to make it look like a real labyrinth, and I don't think it really does, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. It was also challenging to make the values look like they're going back. Adding blue to the green colors helped a lot. Also using brown and yellow added dimension. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mixed Media

I showed amusement in this piece because horses make me really happy and I used a photograph of me with my cousins horse as a reference. It was fun to use the mixed media; I used water color for the background and acrylic for the girl. Also, magazine clips of hair for the horse, yarn for the scarf, and tissue paper for the coat. I really liked doing the visual journaling but I didnt really use the techniques I learned doing that for this project. It was kind of chalenging get all the different hair colors for the horse but it was worth it in the end because the values in the hair add a lot to the piece over all.